OH, HEY! ☺

I’m Taylor Thompson, a graphic designer and art director with a heavy love for textured paper, impromptu glamor photoshoots, Victionary books, and problem-solving.

Originally from Beverly, Massachusetts, I moved on down to Georgia with my family in 1999 and am now an honorary peach (it’s official, I have a certificate).

I live to pull loose ideas into reality and explore new perspectives. While I specialize in brand development, I have experience working on everything from digital campaigns and websites to full-scale events and long-format publications.

I love working with fun and inspiring people to create the unexpected, so if you’ve got a project you think I’d be right for (or just want to say hello), hit me up!

Senior Designer @ Brand Apart.
Collaborator @ Black To School.
🙅🏾 Closed for freelance projects.
Listening to my bossa lounge playlist.

Web design
Print & publication design
Digital design
Icon design
Digital illustration

Adobe XD

Dream Projects
Collaborating on a BIPOC-led magazine (print & digital)
Work in support of human and civil rights
Branding in the health & wellness sector

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